Design Your Own Basketball Court – Right Color Selection

1 years ago

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Design Your Own Basketball Court

Gym floor specialists had the most boring and repetitive job once upon a time. These professionals were primarily known to travel long distances for a job, paint lines on a basketball court or gym floor and come back for finish application.

This job didn’t involve a lot of imagination or creativity. The job wasn’t that much complex either.

All of this changed in 2010 when University of Oregon unveiled their basketball court floor, featuring a lush forest of tall fir trees. The impressive floor design set itself apart from the more traditional floors.

In-Your-Face Graphics Promote Team Branding

Times have changed. Basketball courts were all about understated competition and keeping up with old-fashioned designs. Today, basketball courts are stunning and creative designs that feature wild graphics and logos!

It’s all about team marketing and branding. In fact, these are the first considerations when designing a basketball court.   

Designing Outdoor or Indoor Basketball Court

Are you planning to design a basketball court in your home or school backyard? Fortunately, the basketball court’s colors and designs don’t have to match the landscaping.  

You can incorporate the colors of your home team or the most supported in the family. Utilize Pantone’s color finder to help you with this task.

Here are some important considerations to think about when designing a basketball court.

How Much Space for the Basketball Court

Decide whether you want to design and build your basketball court out of doors (in the backyard) or inside the property? As such, following are the considerations for outdoor basketball courts.

  1. Court should be designed and placed far away from large trees
  2. Flattest space requires least amount of preparation

Taking care of these considerations will allow you to design and build an indoor or outdoor basketball court. However, there’s another concern – have you got the appropriate building permits?

Will You Need a Special Building Permit for This Job?

Visit Miami’s official site that deals with special building permits and find out if and what permits will you need.

Start Early – The entire process may require a longer than expected time period.

Designing an indoor or outdoor basketball court is a lot of work and hassle! Give this job to the experts; Sport Court South Florida meets your expectations in building a dream court! Get an estimate today.