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Custom built to fit your space and skill level

Each Sport Court South Florida putting green is custom-built to your specifications by a trained installer. We offer a wide variety of putting green turf, to meet the demands of the most exacting golfer or a novice playing at home with their family. You'll find the tightest, truest-rolling synthetic grass, with natural breaks and slopes that mimic those on your favorite course. You can also surround your putting green with a lush fringe synthetic grass, for a real-grass look and feel that gives you a place to practice a short chip shot.

Sport Court South Florida's putting green products deliver a true roll that will last for years. It's like having a country club right outside your back door. Give us a call today for guidance on which turf selection is right for your green.

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Benefits of a Sport Court South Florida Putting Green:

  • Authentic ball roll: we use the thickest, tightest turf for ideal response
  • No maintenance: these surfaces have little or no upkeep
  • Color: keep a vibrant “country club look” year-round